Art and the music scene

Illustration, Music

So the title of this is post sounds like some kind of weird band name already but I guess that’s already a good sign.

I was asked recently to produce a poster for a local music promotion group (luton Live/s) to advertise a show in one of the nearby independent pubs. I jumped at the chance for a whole tonne of reasons. Firstly the chap who asked for the poster is a dear friend, secondly another dear friend was in one of the bands on the bill, thirdly the culture in the local area is struggling and lastly I really REALLY wanted to see my artwork in the window of my favourite record shop of my teenage years.

Around this time I was also accepted into an art show by a local group (The Circus of Illustration) whose theme just so happened to be fantasy record sleeves.

So suddenly everything in my life was very musically inclined.

I’ve always been inspired by more illustrative driven posters for obvious reasons. The washed out grimy band photo with unreadable text just doesn’t do it for me. Luckily I was given free reign on the show poster apart from a carnival-esque fortune teller style poster which I feel I followed to the letter. It was going very well until I accidentally flattened my PSD and had to re do all the lettering from scratch (with the help of G).

Fortune Teller

With that out of the way I had time to focus on my piece for the Off The Record show. Again I went the highly illustrated route and couldn’t help carry over some of the mystic vibes I was exploring in the poster although this time with a more refined and pagan tone.


I met a lot of people doing these two projects, which is always refreshing considering how insular illustrating outside of a studio or collective can be. It made me realize just how connected the music scene and the art scene could be if we all just tried a little harder. I feel there’s a resurgence of DIY culture in progress right now with more and more musicians realizing they don’t want to be signed to a traditional label with dreary posters and album covers or even play traditional gigs. Zines are seeing a massive boom once again and I personally can’t get enough of making and reading them. I’ve been passing this on through some of my workshops with younger people as again they’re realizing they can actually publish these entirely by themselves.

I don’t club or go to gigs much anymore, more or less since I had to leave university. But finding these communities again has revived a love of live music for me at least.

And yes, the poster did get pride of place in the record shop window and remained there for weeks after the gig. ❤

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