Art Block Busters Part 2


If those first methods didn’t work out for you, fear not I have more.

I’m not gonna lie to you, this next method took a little while for me to warm up to.

When I was briefly attending university it was suggested that we journal our day to day activities in drawing. As someone who’d never really managed to keep a diary (or a blog, gulp) going for very long I had a feeling this did not bode well. I started by making intricate illustrations of what was going on daily and burnt out on the idea real fast. Eventually the images i made in the journal weren’t much more than shapes and doodles you might have found in the margins of my school books a few years previous.

These are what I learned most from and drew most inspiration from like doodles of my friends faces escaping telephones or little rain clouds gleefully showering silhouettes of people who had missed their bus (usually me).Weird right?

These are a couple of pages from a journal I keep at the moment. You can’t see it on these pages but I’ve also started sticking in bits of fabric, paper and other general rubbish to draw on later when I need reference. Or not. It doesn’t matter. It’s a little book of ideas that can be be realised, but maybe not all of them.

j oct


The next method is pretty simple.

Your playlist.

What are you listening to when you’re trying to draw? I like instrumentals because I don’t get distracted doing paintbrush karaoke when I should be working. I know a guy who only has high energy stuff on his playlist so his hype for what he’s drawing never really dips.

If you’re stuck, try imagining what you want to draw as a scene in a movie. What would the soundtrack be like? Try building it in Spotify or something similar.

Alternatively, just try making lines and shapes along with the music and see what you get. You can then use the techniques from my earlier post to build these into fully fledged illustrations in their own right.

j nov

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