Botanical Illustration


Flowering cactus

Since moving quite recently, I’ve found myself with a lot of windowsill space. Like a lot.

To be honest with you I’ve gone a little bit Crazy Plant Lady. Couple that with the fact I now have more space to work on art, my leafy little buddies are now a prime source of inspiration.

I’ve found myself daydreaming of project after project involving illustration and plants from an illustrated diary on life’s little dramas to a fully illustrated Herbology tome.

Alpine Strawberry

While I’m not quite there yet I have been experimenting in painting the plants around our little home and getting a feel for how I want my personal form of botanical illustration to turn out. Not to mention trawling every second hand shop I can find for lusciously photographed and illustrated books to draw inspiration from (although if there’s one thing I have more of than plants and art supplies right now, it’s books.)

I’ll probably start a little section in the portfolio for these when I’ve got a better feel of what they should cohesively look like but for now, please enjoy the ones I’ve scattered through this post.